How Can the Best Standby Generator Reviews Help You?

Home Standby GeneratorWhat would you do right now if the power went out in your home? For many households, they would just wait out the power outage, use candles, and hope the lights would come back on in a few hours at most. For those with a standby generator, there isn’t any hesitation. The generator would kick in within seconds of the power outage and there would be no lifestyle interruption! If you want reliable power, then reading the best standby generator reviews is a great place to start!

Here’s the Best Chart For Standby Generators

How do you determine which standby generator is the best one for your home? A good place to begin is with this helpful chart! You’ll be able to quickly see which generators can meet your needs… and which ones are best ignored.

PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
Briggs & Stratton 40346 Home Standby Generator20,000
Kohler 14RESA Generator14,000
Generac 6729 20kW Home Standby Generator20,000
Generac 6237 8,000 Watt Standby Generator8,000
Generac 6438 11,000 Watt Standby Generator11,000
Briggs & Stratton 40326 Home Standby Generator12,000
Briggs and Stratton 40396 Generator20,000
Briggs and Stratton 404458,000
Generac 6439 11,000 Watt Standby Generator11,000
Kohler 20RESAL20,000

Why Choose To Have the Best Standby Generator?

Standby generators can work with virtually any home. When the power goes out and you own a portable generator, you’ve got to go out to start it up and then plug in your extension cords. You might have to begin rotating appliances so that you don’t overload the system. You have to keep refueling them and have a stockpile of fuel available. With a standby generator, all of those issues go away.

First is the startup process. Most standby generators will automatically start once they sense the power goes out. They can do this because they are hooked into your home’s electrical grid as part of the installation process. This means you typically just have to wait for a few seconds after the power goes out for the generator to start and restore the electrical supply to your home.

Then there’s the issue of rotating your appliances. With most standby generators, you can get a large enough system to run all of your home’s equipment simultaneously, just like it was hooked into the regular electrical grid. With up to 20k watts of power, you’ll have everything you need to maintain your lifestyle.

As a final component, standby generators are hooked into your natural gas or liquid propane supply, which is more efficient than diesel. This is where ongoing cost can sometimes be a factor because it can take a lot of fuel to supply 20,000 watts! What you receive in return, however, is a virtually maintenance-free method of power generation that protects your home.

What Are the Prices of the Best Standby Generators?

Standby generators are typically the most expensive generators on the market today. A basic generator in this category can be found for about $1,800 on Amazon right now to meet basic needs of about 8000 watts. Full power standby generators, on the other hand, can exceed $5,000 depending on the features you need and the construction of the exterior shell. For most households, however, the average cost will be about $2,500 to get the best generator for that home.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Kohler 14RESA

If you want everything for your home in one compact standby generator, then this is the one you’re going to want. It contains power boost technology so that its starting power is immense – it can even start and run a 5 ton capacity air conditioner without a problem. The enclosure for this generator is also impact-resistant even when it gets incredibly cold, rated to -34C/-30F.

There’s even an electronic speed control included so that it can directly respond to the varying demands that a house can need. When the refrigerator kicks in, you’ll get the extra boost of power needed! There’s definitely a lot of value that comes with this generator.

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Generac 6729

This could be the best standby generator for a few specific reasons. It operates with a smooth level of power thanks to its True Power Technology, which means you can plug-in your sensitive electronic equipment without worry when the generator is running. It runs rather quietly – it is comparable to a typical lawn mower when standing from about 5 feet away. Unlike a lot of standby generators, the transfer switch  is rated for outdoor use.

When you put everything together and include the price, you’ll quickly see why so many people have given this generator their best standby generator reviews over time.

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Generac 6237

What we really loved about seeing this generator in action is the overall level of sound that is produced. It’s easily at least 10 decibels quieter than other standby models at this price point and it is a lot quieter than your typical portable generator that has a similar output.

Because it is a standby generator, it is going to cost more than a comparable portable, but installing this generator and maintaining it are very easy. It even comes with a good quality mounting pad that eliminates the need to place this standby generator on a mounting pad!

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Briggs and Stratton 40326

When you need power the most, then you need a generator that is going to be able to be dependable when you have an emergency. For that reason, you’ll want to take a look at the small details that this generator provides. There’s professional rust proofing included with the generator, for example, and there’s an IntelliGEN technology that allows the generator to deliver its power with half of the fuel usage and noise than its competitors.

It’s powered by a commercially rate engine and has overload protection so you won’t fry out this generator if you overload it.

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Briggs and Stratton 20k Generator

Are you looking for a full power solution as a standby generator? Then this model from Briggs and Stratton should be at the top of your list! It’s all weather enclosure is designed to provide easy access and it locks up nicely to prevent any unwanted intrusions. This is also the best generator for many homes because it has flexible placement options.

It can be placed as close as 18 inches from the home and has been tested against NFPA standards for optimal compliance. It has a great 4 year warranty that covers parts and labor, plus gives you the power to run 2 air conditioners in addition to all of your appliances.

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What could the best standby generator reviews do to help your decision making process today? Ease your worries by installing one of these generators today and you’ll enjoy the fact that you can always have power, no matter what the situation might be.

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