What Could You Accomplish With the Best Small Generator?

Small GeneratorIt is said that good things come in small packages. That’s easy to see thanks to the electrical power that is generated the best small generator options that are available today! Not only will you find that the pricing points of these small generators is extremely pocket friendly, but you won’t have to compromise much in terms of wattage production. Why worry about a power outage or having power when you travel when you have one of the best generators working for you?

Here Is the Best Chart To Find Your Best Small Generator

The best small generator isn’t always easy to find. With a wide variety of features and output levels, what works for one household may not work for you. That’s why this chart is so helpful! It gives you all of the information you need in one concentric spot.

PictureNamePortable Weight (lbs)PriceOur Rating
PictureNamePortable Weight (lbs)PriceOur Rating
Yamaha 2000w Generator44.1 pounds
Porta Source IG800W Portable Invertor Generator22.6 pounds
All Power America 2000w Generator54 pounds
Hyundai HY2000siCa Portable Inverter Generator74.6 pounds
Yamaha 1000w Generator27.9 pounds
Generac 6866 iQ200046.2 pounds
Chicago Electric Generators 900w Generator35 pounds$
Goal Zero Solar Generator12 pounds
PowerPro 56101 Portable Generator39.2 pounds$
XtremepowerUS 1200 Watt Portable Generator40 pounds

Why Choose a Small Generator Over a Larger Option?

The best small generator is one that can provide you with an affordable power option when you have an emergency or need power during a trip. These generators are typically going to generate about 50% of the power at most of today’s larger portable generators, but in return you’ll get a compact unit that is lightweight and can go virtually anywhere. Some units only have one receptacle, so be sure to check out our reviews to see which options have more than one if your needs are greater.

Small generators also have an advantage in that they typically have better fuel efficiencies. Some generators in this classification only have a 1 gallon fuel tank that comes standard, yet you’ll get sometimes up to 10 hours of use from that single gallon of gasoline! Other small generator options include propane or solar, but these are typically priced higher and can be less efficient than their gasoline counterparts.

The small generator is perfect for the home that doesn’t want to power all of their appliances during an outage. Many of them can power a few lights, a microwave for hot food, and sometimes the refrigerator to keep your food cold. Keep in mind that you’ll have to cycle through your appliances so the generator isn’t overloaded, but if you don’t mind a little work, you can end up saving a lot!

Small generators are also typically easier to maintain. Just make sure you run fuel through the generator periodically when it is not in use, about 30 minutes per month if you’re using a gasoline generator, and you’ll be able to keep it in fine working condition. Look for features like an automatic oil level shutoff and circuit breakers to make sure your investment is protected over the long-term.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best Small Generators?

The good news is that entry level small generators can be priced for less than $300. You won’t get a lot of wattage out of these small models, often 1000 watts or less, but it can provide a level of power that you need at a moment’s noticed. More advanced generators with a number of features will generally be priced at a maximum of $800. The average small generator that will work for most households is about $500.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

PortaSource IG800W Inverter Generator

Even though many generators are small and can provide consistent power, that’s no guarantee that the power will be clean or have low harmonics. For an ultra-clean generator that is suitable for your most sensitive electronic equipment, you’re going to need an inverter generator and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this model from Earthquake.

This generator comfortably cruises around 500 watts, which means you can only briefly power something that is 700-800 watts in total. The startup process is a bit tedious, but overall the entire usage experience of this generator is extremely gratifying. It has less noise, good speed, and is versatile enough to power a few items without a problem as long as you stay within the wattage envelope that this generator has.

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All Power America Small Generator

Rated at 11.6 amps so you can have some extra power when you need it most, this small generator packs a really big punch! In looking at the various advantages that this small generator could provide, the main thing that sticks out is its ability to be flexible. Because it is so lightweight and able to go virtually anywhere, you can use it in a variety of circumstances.

It would be the perfect little generator for tailgating, especially if you’re looking to cook on a powered stove top instead of a grill. If you need a small generator for portable applications, then this is a quality generator at a surprisingly good price. If you’re looking for something that is more long term or for a larger home, then this is not the generator for you.

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Hyundai 2000w Small Generator

Even if you’re running a 100% load, you’re still going to get about 3 hours of use per fill-up with the Hyundai HY2000siCa and that’s just the start of the benefits this small generator can provide. It only has 20 amp hookups that come with it, but the generator itself is rated for 30 amps and works with an adapter to provide the higher amperage.

You can power a low wattage microwave and several other items within an RV or your home for about 1 gallon of gas per day in most instances. It weighs just 70 pounds, which means it is highly portable and can provide just about any application with a source of power to use. It’s definitely a strong contender for the best small generator!

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Yamaha Portable Small Generator

This 2000 watt small generator is one of the best on the market today for a variety of reasons. You’ll get over 10 hours of running time without refueling when operating at 50%, while a 100% load that is consistent provides about 5 hours of time. With a simple wired connection, you can hook two of these generators to work together in order to increase the amount of power output that you receive.

With up to 1600 watts of continuous A/C output and up to 16.7 amps @ 120v, you’ll have a clean, safe source of power when you need it the most!

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DuroMax 4000w Portable Generator

Built with a heavy duty steel frame and powered with a 7 HP engine, this small generator will give you the 20/30 amp versatility that you may need for your home. It has a volt meter to help with monitoring the unit while an oil warning light and circuit breakers help to round out the safety features.

It has a four point motor mount that is fully isolated to prevent damage from occurring and is a good buy when you consider the extra cables that come with the machine. It can definitely provide the versatility that you’re going to want!

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With the best small generator in your garage or RV, you can always end up having the power you need whenever there is an outage or the lack of an electrical hookup. Use the comprehensive reviews to select the best model to meet your needs and you’ll never have to worry about an outage ever again!

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