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Power Inverter for CarYou’re having an awesome time on your road trip. You’re about ready to do some camping. Maybe you’re a profession is out on the road most of the day. It’s time to make a phone call, but you realize that the battery on your smartphone has kicked the bucket. You pull out your laptop, but it has run out of juice as well. What can you do? By using the best power inverter for car reviews, you’d be able to find a power supply for your electronics that will work in your vehicle.

Power inverters can work in just about any vehicle by using the outlet that has been traditionally used as a cigarette lighter. Just plug the inverter into the 12v socket and you’ll have a safe and stable power source for your electronics. The chart below offers a look at the highest rated inverters in this category so you can quickly compare and contrast each make and model.

PictureNameContinuous Power OutputOur RatingPrice
PictureNameContinuous Power OutputOur RatingPrice
BESTEK 200W Car Cup Power Inverter200W4.5$$
SNAN 300W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Inverter300W4.3$$
TRIPP LITE PV100USB 100W Compact Car Inverter100W4.3$$$
AUKEY 300W Power Inverter with Dual Outlets300W4.4$$
Boost 400 Watt Automotive Power Inverter400W4.4$$
BESTEK 300W Power Inverter300W4.4$$
AutoGeneral 130W Power Inverter130W4.7$
BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter2000W4.0$$$$$+
SunGoldPower Black 150W Car Cup Holder Power Inverter150W4.4$$
BESTEK 400W Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V400W4.4$$

What Is A Power Inverter and Why Do I Need One?

Your electronics need to have a specific type of power in order to properly charge or operate. The power that your vehicle is able to provide, however, is not a match. The power inverter will change the type of power that a car generates on its own so that you receive a safe and stable power source for your electronic devices. This way you can charge a battery in a smartphone or laptop, power a GPS device, or use anything that may require a standard outlet to operate.

Most power inverters are designed as a block and have two or more outlets which allow you to plug items in for charging or use. The more wattage that a power inverter is able to provide requires a larger overall power block within the design. Standard power inverters are typically between 150w-400w for vehicle use. If you operate an RV or go camping on a frequent basis, however, commercial-grade inverters can be virtually any wattage.

If you don’t have electronics to charge or operate, then you may not need a power inverter. If you’re in your vehicle all day and don’t want to deal with a battery backup for your items, however, the best power inverter for cars will help you to make sure that you’re able to connect with others in the way you prefer.

What Are the Features of a Power Inverter for Cars?

Power inverters that operate in vehicles will operate off of the car’s battery. It is a common mistake to believe that the inverter stops operating when the motor of the vehicle shuts off. If you leave an inverter plugged into your outlet with the battery on, then you will drain your battery. This also means you don’t need to have the car operating in order to receive the power you may need for a specific task or two.

Power inverters will typically come with an on/off switch so you don’t need to have it operating if you don’t have a need for it. Just flip on the switch when you’re ready to charge something or use a device and you’ll be ready to go. Some sort of power indication light will also indicate whether or not the power inverter is being used.

Because the designs are so similar, the best way to determine what the best power inverter for cars will be for you is to determine your need. Will you need one standard outlet or 3+ for your mobile electronic needs? Do you need to power a small appliance, like a blender for your RV, or do you just want something that will charge your smartphone? If your needs are limited, then you can get away with the purchase of a 150w inverter. If you have a large family and they all have smartphones to charge, you’ll want to have a 400w inverter for your car when you’re out and about.

How to Find the Best Power Inverter for My Needs

The best power inverter for car reviews will point you in the right direction. You’ll be able to take a look at the reputation of the brand, understand how much wattage the inverter is able to provide, and what cord length is available so you know how to integrate the inverter into your space. Many vehicles only have one outlet at the front of the car, so the size of your inverter may be dependent on the space you have.

Heat ventilation is also a feature you’ll want to consider. Some inverters can become very hot with consistent use and that may be damaging to some fabrics and plastics that may be integrated with your vehicle’s interior. Check the reviews for specific heat ratings or customer experiences to see if your preferred power inverter will be able to meet your specific needs.

What Are the Prices of the Best Power Inverters Today?

Power inverters are one of the most effective power sources you can purchase today for those times when you’re on the go. Some of the lower wattage options are even priced below $40. In return, you’ll receive one or two standard outlets that will allow you to safely charge your electronics, but not necessarily be strong enough to power a small appliance.

Medium-level power inverters provide your vehicle with the versatility that it needs for virtually anything you need away from home. Inverters at this price range provide up to 400w of power for $50-$100 in most instances.

Commercial grade inverters that can power large appliances or multiple small appliances are typically priced above $200, but also provide you with a comprehensive power solution.

What Do Our Reviews Have to Say?

Bestek Cup Holder

This compact power inverter for your car sits in any standard cup holder. The 5-in-1 design combines the A/C outlets you want, the USB charging you may need, and operates through the 12V power outlet in your vehicle with a 24 inch cord for more placement options. You receive 2 USB charging ports in addition to the 2 AC outlets. Automatic shutdown prevents damage to the inverter or your vehicle and the power is stable enough for a modern mobile device. Built-in fuses give you further protection against the unknown as well so you always have the power you need.

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This power inverter gives you smart identification technology to make sure your power stream stays safe whether you’re using the USB outlet or the dual AC outlets that are available. It’s a standard brick design, but surprisingly lightweight, so you can take it virtually anywhere you’re going. You receive battery clamps and the 12V car adapter so you can get the power you need and the reversing system will give you the confidence needed to avoid connection errors. It’s a great product at a great price and why we’ve included it as one of the best power inverters for cars.

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Tripp Lite

Sometimes you don’t need a massive amount of power for your devices. Sometimes you just need to charge a smartphone or give a portable TV some power. If that’s what you need, then consider this 100w single outlet power inverter. It’s highly affordable, gives you two USB ports for additional charging, and is compatible with GPS units, game systems, and other modern electronics. There is a surge that you receive when you first start your car if this unit is plugged in and turned on, so keep that in mind if you decide this is the best power inverter for you.

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Aukey 300W

With dual outlets and dual USB ports, you’ll be able to charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Each grounded outlet offers 300-350W each, so you can get up to 700W of power for your larger devices. The cooling fan runs silently and works pretty effectively with this inverter, but you’ll need to make sure it has plenty of space if you’re running it at full capacity to prevent it from overheating. It’s lightweight, compact, and will become the must-have tool for your next road trip or camping adventure.

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This might just be the best power inverter for the money in this category. It offers a 400w AC output on battery cables and up to 250w A/C output on the 12v cables. Mounting brackets can give you a permanent installation if you want, but it’s also light enough to be a portable power solution if you want it to be. Thermal protections are also built into the unit to prevent overheating damage. The craftsmanship of this unit is good enough to last for years, while the price is affordable for most budgets. This will be, without a doubt, one of the best products you’ll have purchased in a long time.

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The best power inverter for car reviews will help you locate the best product to meet your specific needs today. You don’t have to deal with a dead battery or a lack of power any more thanks to these devices. Get yours and you’ll have the connections you want whenever there is a need for power, no matter where you might be.

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