Generator Reviews

Review: Yamaha 2000 Watt Portable Generator

Do you want a small portable generator that offers inverter technology for a fair, competitive price? Are you looking for a generator that will give you enough strength that you can power a few additional items in your home if necessary during an emergency? Coming in two different colors, this Yamaha portable generator looks to set the standard for an inverter generator. With up to 1600 watts of continuous A/C output and up to 16.7 amps @ 120v, you’ll have a clean, safe source of power when you need it the most. It’s priced for less than $1,000 on Amazon right now!

What Kind of Features Do You Get With This Generator?

Although there are other inverter generators that have a better price point than this one with a similar amount of output, those generators don’t come equipped with smart throttle technology. This throttle automatically varies the engine speed based on the outputs that is required of the generator. As loads decrease, the engine will automatically throttle down so that you are able to conserve more fuel and extend the running time.

Here are some of the other features to consider with this particular model as well:

  • it is a CARB compliant generator that comes equipped with Pulse Width Modulation so that you get the cleanest, most consistent level of power possible at any given moment;
  • at a 25% load, this generator produces just above 51 decibels of noise thanks to the super quiet muffler that comes standard; and
  • you’ll get over 10 hours of running time without refueling when operating at 50%, while a 100% load that is consistent provides about 5 hours of time.

Many generators claim to be portable, but they end up weighing more than is feasible for most people to transport or carry. That’s just not the case with this Yamaha generator. It weighs about 44 pounds and as a handle built into the design that makes it really easy to just pick it up and go.

Does This Generator Come With Any Advantages?

What blew us away with this particular Yamaha generator is the TwinTech technology that has been developed and incorporated into this model. With a simple wired connection, you can hook two of these generators to work together in order to increase the amount of power output that you receive. Although that might not be a price conscious way to generate about to 3200 watts of inverter power, it is a very lightweight and portable way to do it. It’s backed by a 2 year warranty.

With this particular generator, in looking at all of the feedback on it, there seems to be a critical issue in making sure that you run fuel through it regularly. Build-up can occur within it quickly and this can prevent the generator from running, cause it to leak fuel, or cause power loss to occur. Overall, however, this little generator can do great big things for your home or portable application. With long running times and clean power, this will definitely meet the needs that you have.

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Review: Westinghouse 7500 Watt Portable Generator

Are you looking for a generator that will give you a good level of surge wattage for when your appliances need to start? Do you need a generator that will provide a lot of power without producing a lot of noise? With the Westinghouse portable generator, you’ll get 7500 watts of continuous power that can handle up to 9000 starting watts. It’s also equipped with a Pulse-Flo muffler so that the decibels this unit produces are reduced compared to similar models. If you choose to shop on Amazon, you’ll even be able to save over $130 off of the MSRP!

What Kind of Features Does This Portable Generator Have?

Running on a 4 stroke, 420cc overhead valve engine, we really loved the fact that the electrical starter on this generator is extremely reliable. This generator would work in an RV for some portable needs, but this generator is mostly designed to provide power in a home when it is needed. That typically means there is a storm or emergency situation happening and you need a generator that will start reliably. That’s what this Westinghouse will do!

There’s also these additional features to consider as well:

  • this particular generator offers a full enclosure for the working mechanisms so there is much less risk of debris or weather interference in its performance;
  • it offers 4 120v outlets and 1 120/240v twist outlet so that most items can be effectively powered when you need them to be; and
  • it is easy to monitor the status of this generator thanks to the simplified control center that includes an LCD hour meter tracker for maintenance tracking purposes.

Although this generator isn’t CARB compliant, it does come with what most people are going to need to make sure they have power. You’ll also get your first quart of oil, the tools you need to put together the wheel kit, and a funnel for the oil chamber so you don’t create a fire risk with a spill. All in all, there’s a lot of value that comes with this generator!

Does This Westinghouse Generator Have Any Particular Advantages?

The construction of this generator really is its primary advantage. Although you’ll get up to 13 hours of running time with a 50% load thanks to its 6.6 gallon fuel tank, the all steel construction and corrosion resistant exterior give you a lot of advantages. You can power your security system your electrical range, and the power flow is clean and consistent enough that it will even power your sensitive electronics without an issue.

It’s really tough to find a fault with this particular generator. Sometimes the breakers will pop on the generator even though it isn’t under a 100% load, but otherwise this particular generator is extremely durable, very reliable, and easy to use. Because of this consistency, we have no hesitation in offering our highest recommendation to this Westinghouse generator.

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Review: WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator Series

Are you looking for a generator that is highly dependable and will give you lengthy run times on just a small amount of fuel? Do you want something that will be portable enough to take with you, yet strong enough to run at home during an emergency? With the WEN portable generator series, you’re going to get a gas powered beast that can be up to 9000 surge watts strong to meet your needs. With up to 11 hours of running time on a 50% load and sturdy wheel kits that easily attached to the steel roll cage, you’ll get the versatility and strength that you need.

Best of all, the price point of this generator on Amazon begins at just $339!

What Are the Key Features of This Generator Series?

With a 4 gallon fuel tank on the base level models going up to a 6.5 gallon fuel tank, you’ll get all of the tools that you need to make sure that you’ve got the power flowing. It comes with a spark plug wrench on upper-end models, the wheel kit on all models, a flathead screwdriver to help with assembly, and a good instruction manual that actually has helpful instructions. The control panel allows for a variety of receptacles and an indicator light will help you see that you’ve got power to use.

Here’s what you’re going to get with the WEN generator series:

  • a minimum of two 120v 20 amp three prong receptacles, along with one 120/240v 30 amp twist-lock receptacle;
  • a 12v DC outlet for charging batteries or any other items that accepts this form of power through a cigarette lighter type of plug; and
  • a digital hour counter that accumulates your run time hours so you can easily know when to schedule maintenance or be prepared for refueling the generator.

Although every generator should have routine checks of the lubricating oil, it can get missed sometimes. If it does, a low oil automatic sensor will disengage the engine so that you can properly maintenance it before the issue becomes problematic and you’re left with an expensive paperweight.

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Generator Series?

There are generators that call themselves portable, but it would take a professional wrestler to be able to move them effectively! That’s not the case with the WEN generator series. It’s wheel kit and handle assembly make transporting these generators a pretty easy task. The lower end models run at 64 decibels, while the 9000 watt model comes in at just above 80 decibels, so it won’t blow out your ear drums either. A 2 year limited warranty is included as well.

For the most part, this is an extremely reliable generator that will provide you with the power that you need. Although they are portable, they aren’t designed for routine portability. If you need to take it to a job site, that’s one thing. If you need to take it to multiple job sites, then you may not have as good of an experience with this generator.

In most applications, the WEN generator series is going to have a good solution for your power generation needs. Because of this, we have no hesitation in recommending everyone to take a look at the generator in this series that can best meet their wattage needs.

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Review: Sportsman 7000 Watt Propane Portable Generator

Do you want a portable generator that you can take with you virtually anywhere and still have a decent amount of wattage? Are you looking for a generator that is easy to start and even easier to maintain? Rated for 7000 surge watts and 6k continuous watts, this Sportsman 7000 watt portable propane generator features an electric start and a recoil backup. You simply turn over the switch and most of the time it’s going to start! It is EPA approved and is available right now on Amazon with a savings of nearly $300 off of the MSRP.

What Are the Key Features of This Portable Generator?

When taking a look at this specific generator, we really loved the amount of versatility that was built into its design so that you can basically just plug and go with your items. It features four 120v A/C outlets, plus has one 120/240v outlet to meet most power needs. You’ll also get a 12v D/C outlet that works well for charging batteries. All in all, it’s a really easy generator to use. Just lubricate it according to the instructions on your first go-round, start it up, plug stuff in, and you’ve got power!

There are these additional features to consider with this particular generator as well:

  • it offers automatic protection features to preserve the integrity of the generator, such as a low oil shut down, circuit protection, and an AVR automatic voltage regulator;
  • it features a 13 HP 4 stroke engine that will give you a consistent level of power and you’ll receive a 5 foot propane fuel line with the purchase of the generator; and
  • you’ll receive up to 8 hours of running time on 20 pounds of LPG propane when operating the generator at 50% capacity.

The one downside of this generator you’re going to notice immediately. It is rather loud when compared to other makes and models at this price point. It measures a sound output that is just below 80 decibels, so up close it can be quite deafening. Despite this, however, the advantages of having a portable propane generator tend to outweigh this one particular negative.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Particular Generator?

Outside of the pricing advantage that you’ll receive of this particular generator and its ease in starting, there’s the fact that it runs on propane, which is a very stable fuel. Instead of having to stabilize fuel in containers for later use, it is possible to stockpile propane as needed so that when an emergency hits, you can just attach the tank to this generator and go. You don’t have to worry about anything else!

There does seem to be an issue with this generator when it is not used after some time. The start-up controls seem to degrade without use so that they don’t provide a spark to ignite the engine. We recommend running this generator at least once every other month at minimum to prevent corrosion from preventing electricity generation or a failure to start situation.

For most users, this generator is going to provide a good source of power that is strong enough to meet most household needs during an emergency situation. If that’s what you need, then you should definitely consider this portable propane generator from Sportsman today!

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Review: Sportsman 4k Watt 6.5 HP Propane Portable Generator

Are you looking for an affordable method of power production that doesn’t rely on gasoline to get the job done? Do you want a generator that has plenty of running time so that you can get through a tough day with very little maintenance? This particular Sportsman generator, the GEN4000LP, offers 3250 watts of running power and 4k of surge watts to meet your needs. It’s powered by a 7 HP 4 stroke OHV engine and runs through a LPG tank like you’d see with a propane grill. You’ll need to get the tank on your own, but with the $130 or more you’ll save on Amazon today, that won’t be much of an issue!

What Is There To Like About This Sportsman Generator?

Although this portable propane generator comes with a number of good features, the best thing about it is that the design seems to be with the beginner in mind. Generators typically require a lot of maintenance and supervision in order to work properly, but this Sportsman model is equipped with items that make that job easy. It has a full power panel, a manual engine shut-off switch, a spark arrestor, and a low oil automatic shut-off so that your investment can be protected.

It also has these additional features to consider if you’re shopping for a generator today:

  • this generator is EPA approved, but it isn’t CARB compliant so it won’t be suitable for some neighborhoods or jurisdictions;
  • it runs for up to 10 hours on a 50% load and includes the propane fuel hose and the regulator that you’re going to need; and
  • it has a noise rating of 68 decibels, which a little louder than other models at this price point, but not really too bad.

Although you’re not going to be able to power a ton of items at the same time with this generator, it can provide you with the emergency power that you may need during a storm or some other emergency. It runs on just 20 pounds of LPG fuel and even when fully loaded will still give you between 4-5 hours of use.

Does This Generator Have Any Advantages?

The specific advantage that comes with this generator is that it gives home owners a level of  extra security and reliability over traditional gasoline generators. Propane is much more stable in the long run, meaning you won’t have to add stabilizers or other additives to the fuel tank of the generator while it is storage, waiting to be used. You simply turn on your tank and you’re ready to go! Just like a propane grill, you just exchange the tank somewhere locally when you’re done.

This makes it the perfect generator to take with you on a camping trip, especially for sites that aren’t equipped with power. Some of these generators tend to lower the voltage output with an increasing load as well, something to consider if you need 120v of power. For most applications, however, you will find that this generator has just enough power to get the job done for you.

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Review: Kohler 14RESA 14k Watt Standby Generator

Do you need a strong home generator that will automatically start when the power goes out? Are you looking for a generator that includes an automatic transfer switch that will give you a fast response? With the Kohler 14RESA 14k watt standby generator, you’ll be investing into a generator that will kick in to power your home within 10 seconds when the power goes out. It includes a 100 amp, 16 circuit transfer switch that is only rated for the indoors, but offers an enclosure that is guaranteed to be corrosion-proof. By shopping on Amazon, you’ll be able to save almost $1,000 off the MSRP as well!

What Key Features Does This Kohler Generator Have?

When taking a look at the operation of this particular generator, we really loved the level of consistency that it can provide. Kohler has included technology that provides an advanced level of voltage and frequency regulation so that there are extremely low levels of harmonic distortion in the power that is produced. This means it provides a clean, consistent level of power so that even the most sensitive electronics can be powered by this generator. How sensitive? Even hospitals are using this generator to provide power for life-saving equipment!

There are some other features to think about with this particular generator as well:

  • this generator contains power boost technology so that its starting power is immense – it can even start and run a 5 ton capacity air conditioner without a problem;
  • the enclosure for this generator is also impact-resistant even when it gets incredibly cold, rated to -34C/-30F; and
  • even though it provides a lot of power for the home, it is reasonably quiet and won’t disturb the rest of the neighborhood when it is running.

The Kohler 14RESA even includes electronic speed control so that it can directly respond to the varying demands that a house can need. When the refrigerator kicks in, you’ll get the extra boost of power needed. When it is finished, the generator will cycle down to conserve fuel for you thanks to its series of digital controllers.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Particular Generator?

This generator is designed to be as easy to install as possible. You don’t need a concrete mounting pad like other generators of this design do and the roof of the enclosure is both hinged and locked. The connections come through the enclosure wall so there’s no need for stub-ups and the load connection terminal block makes field wiring a really simple task.

Although the price point is a little more than other generators and has a lower output than similar generators at this price point, the combination of reliability and clean power more than makes up the difference. You’ll need a Kohler-certified technician to do the initial startup and pre-start diagnostics for the warranty to be valid, but outside of this one issue, you’ll find that this generator will work great and provide your home with a tremendous amount of value.

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Review: Hyundai HY2000si Portable Inverter Generator

Are you looking for a super reliable inverter generator that can give you just the right amount of power? Do you want something that will run for an extended amount of time, even with the clean source of power that is being produced? With the Hyundai HY2000si portable generator, you’re going to get a strong generator and a fair, competitive price. It provides 2000 watts of running power with a 2200 watt peak surge and is suitable to run computers and other sensitive computer equipment. On a 50% load, you’ll get about 6 hours of use with this generator as well.

When you make your purchase on Amazon, you’ll even be able to save up to 25% off of the MSRP of this inverter generator.

What Are the Key Features To Consider With This Generator?

The primary feature to think about when using the Hyundai HY2000si is that it is extremely user friendly and that it works independently with very little supervision. This generator contains a circuit breaker system so that there is a level of overload protection. If you’ve got too much wattage hooked up to the generator, it is just going to shut down to protect it. There’s also a low oil indicator for convenience and vehicle battery charge cables are included with the generator as well.

There are some other key features to consider with this generator as well:

  • the noise level of this generator is one of the best you’ll be able to find at this price point, which is definitely a nice feature when combined with the longer running times;
  • this generator weighs just 70 pounds, which means it is highly portable and can provide just about any application with a source of power to use; and
  • even if you’re running a 100% load, you’re still going to get about 3 hours of use per fill-up with the Hyundai HY2000si.

This generator is covered by a pretty standard 2 year warranty and this covers commercial and residential uses equally. Designed in a compact manner and with an ergonomic handle built into the design, it’s really never been this easy to have a strong, portable, and safe generator to use virtually anywhere!

Does this Generator Have Any Advantages?

The primary advantage of this particular generator is its reliability. It runs very consistently and has a larger engine than other similar inverter generators at this price point. It only has 20 amp hookups that come with it, but the generator itself is rated for 30 amps and works with an adapter to provide the higher amperage. You can power a low wattage microwave and several other items within an RV or your home for about 1 gallon of gas per day in most instances.

Are you going to be able to power an air conditioner with this generator, an electric dryer, or other major appliances? Not in most instances. You will, however, get a pretty standard voltage output with this inverter generator and the ability to stay connected online or keep track of emergency developments if you lose power. That’s why this generator receives our recommendation: it provides, clean and reliable power.

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Review: Generac XG8000E Portable Generator

Do you want a heavy duty generator that is fully wrapped so that you get the powerful, safe performance you expect from a gent set? Do you want a generator that is specifically designed to monitor your power wattage so that you’re always getting the power you need? This Generac portable generator might have a premium price point, but you’ll get a premium experience in return. With starting watts of 10k and running watts of 8000, you’ll have plenty of power for the outdoors, the job site, or for an emergency.

What Are the Features of This Generac Generator?

We really love the inclusion of the OHVI engine in this particular generator. When you have a need for power, you generally don’t have time to wait. Whether you’ve got an event that needs to begin or the power has gone out in your home, you need a gen set that will start reliably and then keep running for the long-term. That’s what the OHVI engine does, providing you with a significantly longer engine lifespan than other generators at this price point.

There’s also these additional features to consider when looking at this Generac generator:

  • it offers a 9 gallon fuel tank that will allow you to run a 50% or less load for 10 hours on a full tank;
  • there is a primary electrical starter included with this generator, but also a recoil starter that works as a backup; and
  • there is a wheel kit included with this generator so that you can have it become even more portable if needed, or choose to affix it into a specific place if that is required as well.

Backed by a 2 year limited residential warranty or a 1 year commercial version, you’ll be getting 5 circuit breaker protected receptacles with this generator. It comes with the first oil you’ll need to put into the machine as well and there’s a maintenance kit that is rather helpful in keeping this gen set humming along.

Why Is This the Best Home Generator To Get?

This Generac generator has the ability to stay going around the clock, 24/7, when you’ve got an emergency and that’s why it could be considered the best generator to get. Although the warranty issues are sometimes problematic because Generac considers this 250+ pound generator to be portable, the ability to have a 4 cycle engine and get an extra oil filter for your first change is rather beneficial. It has an hour meter and the engine speed is designed to maintain 60 Hz.

The one issue we saw with this generator that could be problematic for some users was the length of the choke chain. It’s a tad small and this causes it to rattle up a bit when the generator is running. If you’ve ever caught the chain on a lawn mower while it was running, you’ll get the idea of the sound this generator makes at times with heavy vibration.

The features and advantages outweigh the negatives with this gen set, however, and many call it the best generator that they’ve ever owned. If you’re looking for a powerful generator that will help you keep the power on when the lights go out, then this is definitely one of the generators you’re going to want to consider today.

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Review: Generac 5837 CorePower Series Generator

Do you want a standby generator that isn’t overly powerful, but will just provide the right amount of power when it is needed? Are you looking for something that will automatically kick in so that you don’t have to worry about a power outage? With the Generac 5837 CorePower Series generator, you’ll be able to get 7000 watts of standby power for less than $2,000 on Amazon right now. You’ll receive a 50 amp transfer switch that has an eight circuit load, including breakers, so that you can have just the right amount of power for the long term.

What Are the Key Features of This Standby Generator?

What we really loved about seeing this generator in action is the overall level of sound that is produced. It’s easily at least 10 decibels quieter than other standby models at this price point and it is a lot quieter than your typical portable generator that has a similar output. Because it is a standby generator, it is going to cost more than a comparable portable, but installing this generator and maintaining it are very easy. The sides of the enclosure can be removed for servicing and the initial installation goes quickly and easily.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this particular generator:

  • it is a CARB compliant model, which means it will work in most neighborhoods and jurisdictions;
  • the enclosure is made up of a composite polymer so that it will be able to withstand most weather conditions, including hail or extreme cold; and
  • it comes with a good quality mounting pad that eliminates the need to place this standby generator on a mounting pad.

Will 7000 watts of power be enough to power your home in an emergency? With careful management, you’ll be able to rotate through appliances and still have power to cook, run your electronics, and have a few lights on all at the same time. This generator from Generac may not work for large single family homes for 3 bedrooms or more, but for the smaller homes it is a definite plus to own this generator.

Does This Standby Generator Offer Any Advantages?

We really love the fact that Generac has included automatic voltage regulation with this standby generator within its revolving field alternator design. The battery limits itself automatically with a time trickle charge and it also has a mainline circuit breaker for added safety. It runs on natural gas, but if not available in your area, you can also utilize this generator with a propane service.

If you’ve got enough space to be able to install this generator at your home, then it will provide you with a lot of value when you need it. Be aware of where local Generac service is before you purchase to plan ahead for any potential warranty issues as some areas are more than 200 miles away from their local center, but beyond that, we believe that you’ll find this generator offers a lot of value at this price point.

Click here to check the price on Amazon and find a great deal on the Generac 5837 CorePower Series Generator.

Review: The Generac 6244 20k Watt Standby Generator

Are you looking for a generator that will power your entire home or business if the power goes out? Do you need a unit that will act on a standby basis and automatically kick-in when it senses a power outage? The Generac 6244 might just be one of your best overall options to provide you with the level of power that you need. Rated for up to 20,000 watts, this generator includes a 200 Amp automatic transfer switch to provide for a whole house protection. Prices on Amazon for this generator are also fair and competitive, starting below $3,000.

What Are the Key Features of This Generator?

Unlike portable generators, you’re going to get a completely hands-free operation with this generator that requires no fueling. All you’ve got to do is hook it up to your natural gas line or to a liquid propane source. You never have to manually start this generator either. Once you get it hooked up to your home or small business, you’re ready to have power when you need it. And, unlike portable generators, you’ll typically have enough wattage to run everything you need.

There are also these additional features with the Generac 6244 to consider today as well:

  • it operates with a smooth level of power thanks to its True Power Technology, which means you can plug-in your sensitive electronic equipment without worry when the generator is running;
  • this generator is CARB compliant and suitable for most communities and/or jurisdictions; and
  • for such a large generator, it runs rather quietly – it is comparable to a typical lawn mower when standing from about 5 feet away.

If you get the generator that has the transfer switch, you’ll also be pleased to know that it is rated for outdoor use. It’s one of those items that you purchase just in case you need it, but hope that you never really do. It’s definitely a reliable generator!

Does the Generac 6244 Come With Any Specific Advantages?

Ultimately the best advantage that this generator can provide a household is the piece of mind that is needed should an emergency happen. Although there are always a handful of customer service issues with Generac and rural customers who live quite a distance from an authorized repair center may find problems with a warranty claim, overall you’ll know that if the power goes out, you can still run your sump pump and other critical items with ease.

For the average home owner, the price point of this generator is a bit high and the could definitely be a detriment. Be sure to check where your nearest Generac service center is before ordering so you can plan for servicing costs that may happen should the generator break down. Make sure you have a plan to manage your natural gas or propane costs for long-term outages and you’ll find that the Generac 6244 will provide you the power that you need!

If you need something that will provide your entire home with a massive amount of wattage, this generator can do it. Install it to prepare for an emergency, plan your budget and warranty servicing appropriately, and you won’t have any surprises headed your way with this generator.

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