DuroMax Generator Reviews Make Choosing a Generator a Simple Process

Duromax GeneratorWhat do you look for in a new generator? Easy starting features? A strong surge wattage? Multiple receptacles perhaps? You’ll find that in these DuroMax generator reviews that this manufacturer has the ability to meet all of these needs with great ease! If you want a generator that will reliably start when you have a power outage or an emergency situation, then DuroMax should be one of the first brands you consider today!

Here Is the Best Chart for the DuroMax Brand

How can you quickly distinguish one DuroMax model from another? With the chart below, that’s how! Use it to compare and contrast features so that your generator choice is the best one possible.

PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
DuroMax 4400 Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator4,400
DuroMax 4400 Gas Powered Portable Generator4,400
DuroMax 10000 Portable Generator8,000
DuroStar DS4000S4,000
DuroMax Elite with Electric Start4,500
DuroMax XP4000S4,000
Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Portable Electric Start Generator4,850
DuroMax XP8500E Gas Powered Generator8,500
DuroMax Elite MX4500 Gas Powered Portable Generator4,500
DuroMax 8500 Generator (CARB Compliant)8,500

Why Choose a DuroMax Generator Today?

The first thing that you’ll notice with a DuroMax generator is that every single one of them has been built with cast iron sleeves. Because of this, however, it is important to thoroughly inspect each generator when it arrives from your order on Amazon or another site. Any ding to the sleeves can create conditions where rusting may occur and that can compromise the integrity of the protective cage. Every DuroMax generator also meets ETL standards.

A secondary advantage that comes with owning a DuroMax generator is a highly flexible warranty plan. It’s built into the pricing structure of each generator and comes standard with every purchase, no matter where you purchase the new unit. Unlike other manufacturers, however, you’ve also got the option to purchase an extended warranty for added protection of your investment.

Some generator manufacturers require that you get direct service from an authorized center that can be hundreds of miles away, which means added costs to any warranty claim. DuroMax, on the other hand, offers direct parts and component shipping to virtually anywhere in the world. You make the claim, they send you the parts, and then you can either do the repair yourself or use the warranty to hire someone locally.

What is the outcome of a DuroMax generator purchase? You’ll get a generator that is capable of surprising you with its power, its versatility, and its ability to accomplish these tasks without blowing your ear drums out during the start-up. These generators are packed full of useless dials or gauges that require a master’s degree in Engineering to understand. You get power dependably. Nothing more and nothing less.

What Are the Prices of DuroMax Generators Today?

As you can see in our DuroMax generator reviews, the price points of this manufacturer are incredibly competitive. Entry level generators typically fall between $300-$400 on Amazon right now, while upper level models can reach over the $1,000 mark in some instances. In return, you’ll get a generator that meets all of your needs quickly and efficiently every single time. The average household can expect to pay about $600 to get a generator that will meet all of their needs effectively.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

DuroStar DS4000S

With a 4 gallon fuel tank, you’ll be able to get about 2 hours of use per every gallon of gasoline you use to power this generator when operating at 50% capacity. It’s supported by a heavy duty steel frame that has four specific and fully isolated motor mounts so that the operation of the generator is nice, quiet, and smooth.

With the super easy pull starter that gives you power in just a pull or two, it’s easy to see why this generator is consistently the #1 seller on Amazon!

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DuroMax Duel Fuel Generator

What we really loved about this particular design is the full power panel that is incorporated into the frame of the generator. From the power panel, you can control the engine with the shutoff switch, take a look at the unit’s production with the volt meter, have access to your power outlets, and there’s even access to the circuit breakers.

This makes it incredibly easy to fully control the DuroMax in the way that you need! You’ll also receive the connection hose for the propane hook-up with the purchase of this generator so you can get it going straight out of the box.

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DuroMax 4400 Portable Generator

The features of this portable DuroMax generator is what sets it apart from the rest of its competition. There is an electrical starter with this generator that makes turning it on a really simple process. It comes with a wheel kit that will never go flat, yet is still strong and flexible enough to simulate pneumatic tires. The primary advantage that we can see in owning this particular gen set is that you can setup your generator to make sure that it gets the maximum power that you need in the way that you need it.

You can choose between operating the generator at both 120 and 240 volts simultaneously and you can choose to operate at 120 only with full power to the outlet. This is all thanks to the DuroMax RV Switch!

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DuroMax XP10000E

It really is as easy to start up this generator as it is to start the average car. There’s a stow-away handle that flips up for easy transporting and the wheels are 10.5 inches in size and designed for all-terrain travel, letting you take this gen set virtually anywhere. The fuel consumption on this particular generator is a little high.

It typically runs through about 6 or 7 gallons of fuel on an extended period of running, although that is generally halved under lighter loads. There are other generators that can provide power for lower fuel requirements, but the trade-off is that you also get lower watts.

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DuroMax Elite

With an incredibly durable 7 HP engine, the electric start on this generator is one of its nicest features. Instead of just standing there and repetitively pulling a handle over and over and over to get your gen set to start, you’re literally just seconds away from having reliable power being produced with this DuroMax Elite generator.

This means virtually anyone can benefit from this generator – even those who may have medical conditions and struggle to start traditional generators.

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How could a DuroMax generator change your life? Take a look at all of our DuroMax generator reviews and you will see for yourself what a useful tool they can be! Find the best generator that works to meet your needs and we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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    March 30, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Although I bought the XP5500EH I never thought that the instructions would be for older models and not apropos to this machine. I found that the bolts are too tightly mounted to remove stabilizing brace. (NO DRIVE SHAFT ON NEW MACHINE) Small axles now support the weight of the machine??? The handle cradle was so extremely bent that putting it back in place may cause the weld to break. I can’t wait to start it up and find out what else is wrong.


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