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Inverter GeneratorWhy do you need an inverter generator? Because if the power goes out and you need to use your sensitive electronic equipment, like a PC, a laptop, or even some of today’s modern televisions, then you’re going to need a clean source of power that won’t fluctuate in voltage and will have low harmonics. The only way to provide your home with that kind of power is from this type of generator. That’s why you need the best inverter generator reviews right now!

Here Is the Best Chart To Help You Find Your Generator

The best chart for today’s inverter generators will help provide you with the facts you need to make the right decision for your home. Use this chart as a starting point to select the more in-depth reviews to look at during the shopping process!

PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
Hyundai HY2000si2,200
Generac 6719 IX Series2,000
Yamaha EF1000iS1,000
Champion Remote Wireless 755373,100
Champion 73536i2,000
Powerhouse 603762,000
Powerhouse 3100Ri3,100
Ryobi 2200-Watt Digital2,200
Yamaha EF6300iSDE6,300$$$$$+

Westinghouse WH2000iXLT

Why Is an Inverter Generator So Important?

Even the best standard generators have some flaws within them. If the engine power fluctuates, then the power levels can fluctuate as well. When loads increase, the voltage that is supplied to all of the items that are plugged into the generator can drop. The result is a crash of the entire system! That can do a lot of unintended damage to any home.

An inverter generator provides a consistent source of power that won’t drop when more items are plugged into the system. Although any generator will crash when it is overloaded, an inverter generator will provide electricity that has low harmonics so that every item you own will see it as a high quality power source. There really is no better way to make sure that all of your power needs are met in a safe manner while saving fuel when you demand less of your generator!

These generators work by converting the high frequency alternating currents that are typically used into a DC source. Once this occurs, the power is then inverted into a stable 120v 60 Hz source of power. They typically operate with two large coils inside of its core and each rotation of the engine produces one sine wave. Look through the best inverter generator reviews to find one that has run time indicators and frequency monitors to maximize the benefits that you’ll be able to receive.

What Are the Prices of Today’s Best Inverter Generators?

You’ll find that the average inverter generator will come with a 25% upcharge over standard generators on average at the same power generation levels. This is because there are more steps to the electrical generation process, but in return you’ll get a clean source of energy that you can use for virtually anything whenever you need. For most households, a portable inverter generator will cost about $1,000.

If you already have a generator, then you may be able to find a power inverter that is strong enough to hook into your existing system. These will take the power and invert it like the inverter generators will if they are hooked into the front end of the system. Prices on these add-on inverters can vary quite a lot by make and model, so be sure to shop around and look for the best options on Amazon and other websites before finalizing any purchase.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Hyundai HY2000si

This generator runs very consistently and has a larger engine than other similar inverter generators at this price point. It only has 20 amp hookups that come with it, but the generator itself is rated for 30 amps and works with an adapter to provide the higher amperage. The noise level of this generator is one of the best you’ll be able to find at this price point, which is definitely a nice feature when combined with the longer running times.

It also weighs just 70 pounds, which means it is highly portable and can provide just about any application with a source of power to use. Overall it is a high quality generator that you’re going to love!

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Champion 73536i

Weighing just 48 pounds, this inverter generator exemplifies the definition of portability. In return, you’ll receive up to 2000 surge watts of clean power. The best feature of this generator has to be its economy mode, which makes the generator idle at the correct level of power that is needed in any given situation.

It is a CARB compliant generator as well, which means it can be used in most neighborhoods and jurisdictions without an issue. Perfect for the cabin or your RV, you’ll get up to 4.5 hours of running time on a 50% load with this generator.

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Champion Remote Wireless Generator

One of the biggest hassles to owning an inverter generator is starting it. For some reason, many of them just don’t turn over as easily as their standard counterparts. With this Champion generator, however, those days of trouble are over! It features a remote electrical start so that with just the press of a button, you can begin generating a clean source of power.

It offers 2800 watts of continuous power in return and is backed by a 2 year warranty. It really is a dream generator for most basic needs and should be one of the first inverter generators to consider.

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Generac 6719

This powered portable generator offers 2000 watts of power, but its the FlexPower technology that makes this generator a winning purchase. When you need to charge a battery or have large loads to run, push this generator into high mode to get the operational power you need. When you don’t need the full load, then switch over into eco-mode and you’ll save fuel and sound decibels.

The fuel tank is just 1 gallon on this generator, however, which means you’ll get about 5 hours of life on a 25% load. For some households it may be undersized, but it is a strong contender as one of the best inverter generators available today.

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Ryobi 2200w Portable Generator

Do you want a generator that is quieter than the next conversation you’re likely to have? Then you’re going to want this Ryobi generator. It’s one of the best generators on the market today in this niche thanks to its 106cc OHC 4 cycle engine that produces up to 2200 surge watts to meet your needs.

It comes with a 2 year warranty and stands just 24 inches high, giving you a compact power generation unit that can be used at home or for your travel needs. For most applications, it will run everything you need except your air conditioner, just not at the same time.

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What do the best inverter generator reviews have to tell you? Use them today as a starting point on your journey toward a high quality generator that can produce the power that you need!

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