The Best Propane Gas Generator Reviews

Propane GeneratorPropane generators are one of the most useful tools that any home could have. These generators can create power from standard 20 or 30 pound propane tanks and can run as long as their gasoline counterparts. This means you have a simple way to start up power in an emergency. Just turn the valve on the tank and start the generator!

Here is the Best Chart for Propane Generators

Do you need a highly portable generator? Are you looking for a propane generator that is more of a whole house standby option? This chart will help you sort out the best of the best to meet your needs.

PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
PictureNameWattagePriceOur Rating
DuroMax 44004,400
Sportsman 4000LP4,000
Generac 6729 Guardian Series20,000
Generac 59437,500
Generac 60003,250
Sportsman GEN7000LPC7,000
Duromax 48504,850
Generac 60015,500
Powerland 10000w10,000
Smarter Tools 75007,500

Why Choose a Propane Generator?

The primary reason why a propane genset would be chosen is because of the long-term storage advantages. Unlike gasoline which requires ongoing stabilization and maintenance, propane is very stable and can be stored for extended periods of time without an issue. If you live in a rural area and are concerned about how long it could take for power to be restored to your home, then you can stockpile propane tanks and use a portable generator for a virtually indefinite period of time if need be.

Propane generators can also be placed on standby status if you need a whole house option. These generators are attached to your home’s electrical grid and have sensors that monitor the flow of energy throughout the grid. When they sense a complete interruption of power, the propane generator jumps into action within seconds so that you have the power you need.

A propane generator is also a great advantage for those who love to travel a lot. Propane tanks can be purchased virtually anywhere and it is very easy to transport the fuel. With a closed valve, there are fewer risks of fumes for those who camp in an RV and in return, you can park your trailer somewhere that doesn’t have electrical hookups and still enjoy the conveniences of electricity.

It’s safe. It’s very portable. It stores safely for long periods of time. And they emit less harmful gasses than diesel engines on a watt-for-watt basis. Those are the four primary reasons why a propane generator is a solid choice!

How Do I Find the Best Propane Generator For Me?

Your journey toward finding the best propane generator begins with our comprehensive reviews. You’ll find a fact-based approach helps to easily find the generators that have the best features and options that you need. Are you looking for something with easy portability? Would you prefer something with a long-term durability? You can find all of this information right here!

Finding the best generator also means figuring out your value ratio. Take a look at your budget and see how much generator you can actually afford. Then take that number and see how many watts the best generators you’re looking at can produce for you. Look at both starting watts and continuous running watts so that you can have some protection against an appliance surge if it occurs. In general, the more expensive a generator is, the more watts it will produce.

If you need power for sensitive electronics, that is also a consideration to add into this mix. Look for clean, consistent generators that won’t alter the voltage produced when loads are increased. This will let you stay productive even when the power goes out!

How Do Propane Generators Work?

This depends on the type of generator that you’ve chosen. Portable propane generators will typically incorporate a place to put the LPG tank like you’d use with a gas grill within the confines of the frame so that they are easy to transport. You then just have to connect the fuel line to the propane tank, make sure that it is secure, and you’ll be ready to generate power in no time at all!

Standby generators, on the other hand, typically need a professional installation to be completed because they wire directly into a home. These generators generally sit within a weather-resistant housing next to the home and have a permanent fuel line attached from your property’s propane tank. Some generators need a concrete pad or a gravel base installed first for efficient operation, so be sure to check the best propane generator reviews to see what the requirements of your preferred standby generators would be.

Once fueled, the generators will work to create power on your behalf and either feed it directly into your grid or make it available through 120v or 120/240v outlets where an extension cord would likely be required. As long as you don’t exceed the amount of watts that the generator can produce, you’ll have consistent power as long as you have a consistent fuel source!

What Are the Prices of Today’s Propane Generators?

The minimum price for portable propane generators that you’ll find on Amazon today is right around $300. These entry level generators can give you a small boost of power when you need it, but are typically more for travel-related needs such as lighting or small appliance use within a trailer. For more powerful propane generators that can power a refrigerator or electric stove, you’ll typically see a price of around $600.

Standby generators are the most expensive option of all. Some makes and models can exceed $5,000, but the average price for a decent standby generator that can be operated on propane is about $2,200.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Generac 6244

For such a large generator, this one runs rather quietly – it is comparable to a typical lawn mower when standing from about 5 feet away. All you’ve got to do is hook it up to your natural gas line or to a liquid propane source. You never have to manually start this generator either!

The Generac 6244 might just be one of your best overall options to provide you with the level of power that you need. Rated for up to 20,000 watts, this generator includes a 200 Amp automatic transfer switch to provide for a whole house protection.

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Generac 6000

Although this generator isn’t going to blow you away with a lot of power generation, it does give you two standard 120v outlets and one 120/240v twist lock outlet so that you can rotate through your appliance, lighting, or heating needs. A wheel kit assembly is included with the generator and you’ll receive your first quart of oil with purchase and the propane tank holder is incorporated into the design of the generator’s frame, eliminating the awkward fuel lines that can exist on similar models.

On just one tank of propane, we saw that you could get up to 12 hours of use if the Generac 6000 was running at 50% capacity.

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Generac 6001

With nearly 7000 starting watts to protect against a surge and 5500 watts of continuous running power, this propane generator is one of the best you’ll find. The best propane generator reviews typically look at performance, but the design of this generator is one of its best features. It is a low profile generator that is weighted and balanced quite well, making moving it a lot easier than other generators of this size.

The control panel is situated in a nice place and the propane tank holder at the back makes using this generator a simple task. There are plenty of receptacle options for you as well so that no matter what your power needs might be, you’ll be able to have them effectively met with this generator.

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Generac 5943

We really loved the user friendly design that has been incorporated into this generator. When you’ve got a lot of things going on during a power outage or when you’re enjoying a camping vacation, it’s easy to forget some of the routine maintenance tasks that a generator may require to continue functioning normally.

Generac has included maintenance reminders that occur on the hour so that everything is a lot easier to track. The generator has been given a hardened steel frame that is 1.25 inches thick, which means you’ll be getting a stronger frame than other generators in this price class.

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DuroMax 4400

This unit may not be the most powerful generator on the market, but it is a good gen set at this price. It comes with a wheel kit that will never go flat, yet is still strong and flexible enough to simulate pneumatic tires. There is a 120/240v 30 amp twist lock outlet that will help you power your tools or other portable needs without issue. It should be noted that this particular portable generator is not CARB compliant, which means it is not available for sale in California.

The dual 15 amp circuit breaker could be a little stronger as well to prevent overloads from occurring, but overall this is a rather remarkable little gen set at this price point. There’s a lot of strength and flexibility incorporated into its design.

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What do the best propane generator reviews have waiting for you? Find the best generator to meet your needs and you’ll never have to worry about what you’ll do if a storm or other emergency knocks out your power every again! Get the peace of mind you need with a standby or portable propane generator today!

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