Review: Champion Power Equipment 1500 Watt Portable Generator

Review: Champion Power Equipment 1500 Watt Portable Generator Review Team

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Do you want a small portable generator that is lightweight, yet still strong in terms of power production? Are you looking for a gen set that will help you get enough power to do some basic things around the camp site or the house? Although the maximum 1500 watt output of this Champion portable generator isn’t going to blow you away with tons of power multitasking ability, it will give you a basic source of power when you need it most. It’s also highly affordable, priced at $200 right now on Amazon.

What Are the Features of This Champion Portable Generator?

It’s how easy this generator is to use that makes it such a winning investment. In just a couple of pulls, you’re ready to have the power supplied that you need. It can power most appliances, but it is important to remember that a generator of this size won’t power everything at the same time. In an emergency, if this is your sole source of power, you’d need to rotate through your various appliances to power them one by one.

There’s these additional features to consider if you’re looking for a portable generator:

  • it offers just one 120v outlet, so you’ll want to plan on purchasing an extension cord if you purchase this gen set;
  • it runs for up to 10 hours on less than 2 gallons of fuel, even when you’re running the generator at more than 50% capacity; and
  • at just 56 pounds, you can take this portable generator with you virtually anywhere and still be able to have a comfortable experience.

This is not one of those high wattage generators that you can run multiple appliances off of and find success. You might be able to run a coffee maker and another similar appliance at the same time, but that’s about it. Run more than the generator can provide and it will stall out. Otherwise you’ll find that this is a fairly quiet little machine.

Is There an Advantage To Using This Champion Portable Generator?

In a pinch, we can see this helping a family out of a pickle when there’s a storm that comes along, but the intent of this generator is more for portability. This would be a good item to have in your portable camping trailer, an RV perhaps, or with your basic camping gear so that you can have a couple modern conveniences when you’re out there in the woods or on a campsite.

If there was one improvement we would make to the design of this gen set, it would be that there would be a second outlet included. Having the one outlet makes a lot of sense because it discourages overuse, but there are times when you can power more than one item at a time and it would be nice to power them directly instead of through a series of extensions cords.

If you’re looking for something that is strong, yet still highly portable, then you’ll find that this generator has a lot of good things going for it. It runs smoothly, yet quietly, and is compact enough that it will even fit in the trunk of most cars. For what it can do, this portable generator receives our recommendation today.

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