Review: Champion Power Equipment 3100 Watt Inverter Generator

Review: Champion Power Equipment 3100 Watt Inverter Generator Review Team

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Do you want a quiet generator that would be perfect for your off-the-grid cabin or campsite? Do you want something that will help you constantly maximize your energy consumption so you’re not wasting fuel when you’re not running a full power load? This inverter generator from Champion Power Equipment has the ability to meet these needs and much more! With its economy mode, the engine will automatically idle so that fuel and engine wear are saved on lower electrical loads. Running at 58 decibels, you’ll find this generator prices for less than $1,000 on Amazon today.

What Are the Features of the Champion Inverter Generator?

The primary advantage of this generator is the inverter technology that is included so that you’ll be able to get a safe source of power. It provides clean power that is safe for even the most sensitive of electronics, yet it is still a lightweight generator as well, coming in at just 80 pounds. The housing of this generator is quite durable and it’s really easy to carry it with you as well. Although there are wheels to help assist, it’s often easier to just pick up this generator and go.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this Champion generator:

  • if you are just running a 25% load, then this generator has the ability to run for up to 8 hours on just one tank of gas;
  • a 2 year warranty is included with this product to protect your investment from any defects in the materials or the craftsmanship of the unit; and
  • the overall output of this particular inverter generator is strong enough to be able to power a 15k BTU air conditioner without overloading.

This particular inverter generator by Champion is rated for 2,800 watts, so you’ll be able to get plenty of power for multiple items without much of a problem. It’s CARB approved and EPA certified as well, making it be appropriate for most homes in most communities. There’s also the free lifetime tech support offered by Champion, adding yet another layer of value. Overall, there are a lot of good things going on with this generator!

Does This Inverter Generator Have Any Advantages?

It’s really nice to have an inverter generator that has a low oil sensor on it. After a few fill-ups, it can be difficult to remember sometimes when the last time the oil was checked. Instead of burning itself out completely and leaving you with a multi-hundred dollar paperweight, you’ll have the alerts and sensors you need in all regards to make sure that your new generator is still functioning the way it was designed to function.

It is important to remember to stabilize the fuel in your machine before using it, however, especially if you have the generator stored for several months in-between use. This inverter generator is a bit sensitive to these longer periods of storage with just regular fuel. It is, however an extremely useful generator and will give you the power you need to get the job done right. That’s why it receives our recommendation today.

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