Review: Champion Power Equipment Portable Inverter Generator

Review: Champion Power Equipment Portable Inverter Generator Review Team

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Do you travel a lot and need to have access to your laptop or other mobile device consistently? Are you struggling to find a clean source of power that will let you maintain your productivity? With this Champion portable inverter generator, you’re going to get the power you need at a price you’re going to like! At just $549 right now on Amazon, you’ll get enough power with this generator to give your electronics a boost and still have leftover power for even more conveniences you may want or need!

What Are the Key Features of This Champion Generator?

The main thing we really love about this generator is how quietly it operates. Although most inverter generators are typically quieter than their counterparts, this model from Champion registers barely above 50 decibels! That means you won’t disturb the campsite over, have your neighbors filing noise complaints with your HOA, or yelling at your significant other in order to be heard!

There are these additional features to consider with this particular generator as well:

  • it is extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 48 pounds and carrying it is easy thanks to the built-in handle within the frame;
  • this generator is a CARB compliant model which means you can take it with you virtually anywhere and not run afoul of local laws or restrictions; and
  • there is an economy mode built into this generator so that you can maximize your fuel usage if you aren’t running at 100% capacity.

This generator provides a lot of bang for the buck, so to speak. It starts on the first couple of pulls consistently and provides enough power at 3500 continuous watts to manage most applications you need, either while traveling or during a brief power outage at your home. It’s even strong enough to run some power tools!

What’s the Advantage of Owing This Champion Generator?

We really love the fact that Champion has designed this generator so that it can run in tandem with another unit if you need more power. Whether you’re designing a tailgating trailer or you just do a lot of coding work from home and need to always have power to earn money, you’ll be able to create a customized system of power generation thanks to this generator that will meet your needs. The harmonics are nice and low, the voltage is stable, and you’ll be able to stay productive at work or at play.

If we could improve the design in some way, it would be to make the standard mode the default on this generator instead of its eco-mode. For immediate heavy load uses, this generator can struggle to spin up to the power requirements right away. You’ve got to manually turn off eco-mode to get your generator up to speed and then turn it back on again.

Otherwise this generator is well-built and will serve most of your needs. If you want an inverter generator at a fair, competitive price, this is one of the top options you should consider today.

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