Review: Duracell Solar Plug ‘N Play Solar Generator

Review: Duracell Solar Plug ‘N Play Solar Generator Review Team

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Are you looking for a generator that can get you completely off the grid? Do you want a highly affordable power generation option that requires no gasoline, propane, or natural gas? For less than $400 on Amazon, you’ll be able to get a 30 watt 12v polycrystalline solar panel that is wired with an A/C plug that goes straight into the battery box of the generator. Providing 600 watts of power, you can even use it in an apartment or flat without breaking a lease and still have the ability to meet a small level of power generation that may be required for your needs.

What Are the Key Features of This Duracell Generator?

Although 600 watts isn’t going to power your refrigerator, it is going to help you meet some basic needs when the power goes out. You’ll be able to light 9-10 standard light bulbs with this generator, have some basic power for other needs that need to be met if you prefer, and be able to do so without consuming any fossil fuels whatsoever. The solar panel works on daylight, not sunlight, so you don’t even need direct sun to charge the battery. Then, when you need some power the most, you’ll be able to have it and continue to have power supplied to the generator during the day.

There are some other key features to consider as well:

  • the solar panel that is included with the generator set is weatherproof and will withstand rain, wind, or even hail;
  • the solar panel comes with a 25 year warranty and it powers the 28 amp AGM battery; and
  • you’ll receive 9 feet of wire so that you can place the panel and generator combination wherever you need it to be for maximum production.

So many of today’s generators, even the low wattage ones, require lots of fuel in order to produce power. This generator works great for those remote areas where there isn’t any grid power at all. You don’t even need a charge controller because the battery automatically goes to a trickle charge once it is at 100%!

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Plug ‘N Play Kit?

Although for many power needs the 28 amps per hour is going to be a bit undercharged, it can be able to power a TV, an emergency radio, or other small devices in case you need them. It makes for a handy off-the-grid cell phone charger if you don’t have access to other power sources and it can meet some other very basic needs. It’s advantage is that it isn’t fossil fuel reliant, which means you’ll be able to go green in a small, but functional way.

It’s important to have reasonable expectations with this Duracell generator and solar panel system. It’s not going to power a lot of things and if you go over capacity, the charge you get from the unit isn’t going to last very long. It’s good for basic camping needs or basic apartment needs. If you want to power more than that, you’ll want to consider a more powerful generator than this one. Otherwise you will enjoy what this kit can provide!

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