Review: DuroMax Elite Powered Portable Generator

Review: DuroMax Elite Powered Portable Generator Review Team

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Are you looking for a gen set that will give you the automatic controls you want, but still provide the power that you need? Do you want a generator that will work in a wide variety of situations even with the higher levels of power? This DuroMax Elite generator has the portability of smaller units, yet the functionality of stronger units. Featuring 3500 watts of rated power and a 4500 watt max, the automatic idle control will help you power up this gen set the right way. You’ll also be able to save more than 25% on this generator just by shopping on Amazon!

What Kind of Features Does the DuroMax Have?

With an incredibly durable 7 HP engine, the electric start on this generator is one of its nicest features. Instead of just standing there and repetitively pulling a handle over and over and over to get your gen set to start, you’re literally just seconds away from having reliable power being produced with this DuroMax Elite generator. This means virtually anyone can benefit from this generator – even those who may have medical conditions and struggle to start traditional generators.

There are also these additional features to consider with this specific portable generator:

  • it comes with a wheel kit so that transporting this generator is a rather simple and easy process;
  • there is a 220/240 outlet included with this generator so that you have added flexibility in powering up your appliances; and
  • there’s also a 12v DC battery charging outlet included with this generator.

The DuroMax Elite isn’t CARB compliant, which means you’re not going to be able to purchase this specific generator if you live in California. Otherwise you’ll be able to enjoy the two 120v AC outlets, the portability of this generator, and the air-cooled engine that helps to keep the power going for quite some time.

Does This Generator Come With Any Advantages?

We really loved the steel roll cage and the heavy duty frame that are included with this specific portable generator. It’s more than just strong! It works to protect the generator from those inevitable bumps that can occur over time when you’re moving stuff around. Although it is a little loud at 69 decibels, it is suitable for use in many national parks and the power panel is fully loaded for convenient use. All in all, it’s an excellent generator at this price point!

There are going to be some situations where we can see this generator not working so well. On heavy loads especially, this generator tends to burn through its oil, so you’ve got to stay vigilant and be on top of the oil levels. You’ll also want to let the generator cool down after a shut down for a bit so that you get a stronger restart.

Overall this generator can get some specific jobs completed for you, especially if you’re stuck in an emergency or out camping. For those reasons, this gen set gets our recommendation today.

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