Review: The Earthquake IG800W Portable Inverter Generator

Review: The Earthquake IG800W Portable Inverter Generator Review Team

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Are you looking for a small generator that will give you the basic power you need when you’re out and about? Do you want something that will provide you with a tremendously fuel efficient way of providing power? At 14 hours per gallon, you’ll be able to run the little Earthquake IG800W generator for hours without it ever getting thirsty! It’s literally ready to go, straight from the box, and will give you the small boost of power you might need for some specific applications. Priced under $250 on Amazon, you’ll find that it’s also at an excellent price point!

What Kind of Features Does This Generator Have?

The one nice aspect of this particular generator is that you don’t need to have a line conditioner installed in order to power up some specific items. Although you’ll only be able to power one laptop or one small digital TV with this generator, it is a way for you to keep working when powered outlets are at a premium. You can also power about a dozen small lights instead if you prefer or some limited small appliances.

There are these other features to consider as well with this inverter generator:

  • this particular generator is extremely lightweight, coming in at just over 21 pounds, so it can literally be taken anywhere without any issue whatsoever;
  • you can use this generator to plug in your cell phone, tablets, and other electronic devices directly if you prefer; and
  • it’s a rather quiet little generator, coming in under 60 total decibels, even when standing close by, making it friendly enough to run in most locations.

Some may find that this generator doesn’t have the capabilities to be able to power up all of the items they need. That’s why taking a look at the surge needs you may have is important. This generator comfortably cruises around 500 watts, which means you can only briefly power something that is 700-800 watts in total.

Is There An Advantage To Using This Generator?

It’s the portability of this generator that is really its primary benefit. This generator can easily be taken virtually anywhere thanks to its weight, but still give you a good result in the end. You’ll want to make sure you pick up some 10w30 oil for this generator, however, because there isn’t any that comes with the generator itself.

It’s difficult to find anything we’d change in this gen set’s design. The startup process is a bit tedious, but overall the entire usage experience of this generator is extremely gratifying. It has less noise, good speed, and is versatile enough to power a few items without a problem as long as you stay within the wattage envelope that this generator has.

If you need a fast emergency backup for a reasonable price, then this is the generator for you. It might not power your entire home, but it can power up the things you need to have running at a moment’s notice.

Click here to check the price on Amazon and find a great deal on the Earthquake IG800W Portable Inverter Generator.

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