Review: The Generac 5943 7500 Watt Generator

Review: The Generac 5943 7500 Watt Generator Review Team

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Do you need a power source that can help supply your entire home with backup power in an emergency? Are you looking for something that will be strong and durable, yet also reasonably affordable? The Generac 5943 isn’t the strongest generator of its class, coming in at 7500 watts, but it does have enough power and strength to get the job done for you. With an electric start, a pull-start backup, and enough flexibility that you can even take it to a campsite, this generator is priced just under $1,000 right now on Amazon.

What Kind of Features Does the Generac 5943 Have?

We really loved the user friendly design that has been incorporated into this generator. When you’ve got a lot of things going on during a power outage or when you’re enjoying a camping vacation, it’s easy to forget some of the routine maintenance tasks that a generator may require to continue functioning normally. Generac has included maintenance reminders that occur on the hour so that everything is a lot easier to track.

There are these additional features to consider with the Generac 5943 as well:

  • the generator has been given a hardened steel frame that is 1.25 inches thick, which means you’ll be getting a stronger frame than other generators in this price class;
  • the control panel has been specifically designed with the beginner in mind, putting all of the controls in one easy to access location; and
  • this generator is rated for 30 amps as a 120/240v generator and it has a 220v output for added convenience.

Is this generator going to be able to power all of your appliances simultanelously? No. Is it a reasonably portable solution that you can use to cycle through your appliances in an emergency or take with you in the RV so you have an extra boost of power at a campground without electrical hookups? Yes.

Does the Generac 5943 Have Any Advantages?

The primary benefit that users of the Generac 5943 are likely to enjoy is the construction of the engine of this particular model. The cylinders have been made with cast iron so that the longevity of the generator can be extended, even when running it for long periods of time. This also adds to a level of reliability during the start-up process and not every generator at this price point can say the same thing.

As with any generator, the Generac 5943 does have some weak points when it is being run for extended periods of time. In looking at the history of usage for this particular model, the weak point here seems to be the ignition coil. It can be faulty in some of them and if you take a look at the list of complaints that occur when this happens, servicing the unit can be somewhat difficult.

For the most part, however, the Generac 5943 has a lot of good things going on with it that will provide you with the portable power you need. Weighing about 220 pounds, it isn’t the easiest item to transport, but it will provide you with an easy to maintain source of power when you need it.

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