Review: Generac 6000 Liquid Propane Generator

Review: Generac 6000 Liquid Propane Generator Review Team

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Are you looking for a generator that runs on an alternative fuel than gasoline? Do you want a generator that will still provide you with enough power to run specific items or the lights while still being portable? The Generac 6000 can be powered by standard 20 or 30 pound liquid propane tanks that allow for very easy portability. There isn’t a fuel tank included with this generator upon purchase, but once you hook up the fuel, you’ll receive up to 3750 surge watts of power. It isn’t CARB compliant, so sorry California readers, but it will give you a lot of power with its 212cc OHV engine.

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What Kind of Features Does the Generac 6000 Have?

The primary feature that we really enjoyed when looking at this particular generator was the fact that it has a few little items that help to better protect it from the elements. The outlets, for example, are all covered so that you won’t have moisture or precipitation enter the unit and blow out a fuse on you. If something unforeseen does happen, then there are circuit breakers included so that you’ve got some protection from an overload. This creates a reliable, highly portable generator that you can run on a propane tank like you would your gas grill!

There’s these additional features to consider as well:

  • because this generator is propane powered, there is better long-term storage options for this unit because the fuel won’t break down like gasoline can;
  • a wheel kit assembly is included with the generator and you’ll receive your first quart of oil with purchase as well; and
  • the propane tank holder is incorporated into the design of the generator’s frame, eliminating the awkward fuel lines that can exist on similar models.

Although this generator isn’t going to blow you away with a lot of power generation, it does give you two standard 120v outlets and one 120/240v twist lock outlet so that you can rotate through your appliance, lighting, or heating needs. All in all, the Generac 6000 provides a fair amount of power for a competitive price.

Does the Generac 6000 Have Any Advantages To Consider?

It’s the efficiency of this unit that we really noticed. On just one tank of propane, we saw that you could get up to 12 hours of use if the Generac 6000 was running at 50% capacity. You’ll need to supply your own power cords, of course, and it can work with 220v appliances if your wattage requirements fit in line with the generator’s output. The entire generator assembly is easy to put together and overall, this is a highly reliable unit.

One of the interesting things we saw with this generator is that Generac recommends running it for 30 minutes at least once per week. For gasoline generators, this is often a good idea because it helps to keep everything lubricated and keeps the fuel a bit more stable. For propane tanks, however, the fuel is much more stable. We’re not sure about this recommendation, but we are sure that this is a reliable generator. If you need something that is portable and want something that runs on propane solely, then this is one of the top generators to consider today!

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