Review: Generac XG8000E Portable Generator

Review: Generac XG8000E Portable Generator Review Team

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Do you want a heavy duty generator that is fully wrapped so that you get the powerful, safe performance you expect from a gent set? Do you want a generator that is specifically designed to monitor your power wattage so that you’re always getting the power you need? This Generac portable generator might have a premium price point, but you’ll get a premium experience in return. With starting watts of 10k and running watts of 8000, you’ll have plenty of power for the outdoors, the job site, or for an emergency.

What Are the Features of This Generac Generator?

We really love the inclusion of the OHVI engine in this particular generator. When you have a need for power, you generally don’t have time to wait. Whether you’ve got an event that needs to begin or the power has gone out in your home, you need a gen set that will start reliably and then keep running for the long-term. That’s what the OHVI engine does, providing you with a significantly longer engine lifespan than other generators at this price point.

There’s also these additional features to consider when looking at this Generac generator:

  • it offers a 9 gallon fuel tank that will allow you to run a 50% or less load for 10 hours on a full tank;
  • there is a primary electrical starter included with this generator, but also a recoil starter that works as a backup; and
  • there is a wheel kit included with this generator so that you can have it become even more portable if needed, or choose to affix it into a specific place if that is required as well.

Backed by a 2 year limited residential warranty or a 1 year commercial version, you’ll be getting 5 circuit breaker protected receptacles with this generator. It comes with the first oil you’ll need to put into the machine as well and there’s a maintenance kit that is rather helpful in keeping this gen set humming along.

Why Is This the Best Home Generator To Get?

This Generac generator has the ability to stay going around the clock, 24/7, when you’ve got an emergency and that’s why it could be considered the best generator to get. Although the warranty issues are sometimes problematic because Generac considers this 250+ pound generator to be portable, the ability to have a 4 cycle engine and get an extra oil filter for your first change is rather beneficial. It has an hour meter and the engine speed is designed to maintain 60 Hz.

The one issue we saw with this generator that could be problematic for some users was the length of the choke chain. It’s a tad small and this causes it to rattle up a bit when the generator is running. If you’ve ever caught the chain on a lawn mower while it was running, you’ll get the idea of the sound this generator makes at times with heavy vibration.

The features and advantages outweigh the negatives with this gen set, however, and many call it the best generator that they’ve ever owned. If you’re looking for a powerful generator that will help you keep the power on when the lights go out, then this is definitely one of the generators you’re going to want to consider today.

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