Review: Kohler 14RESA 14k Watt Standby Generator

Review: Kohler 14RESA 14k Watt Standby Generator Review Team

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Do you need a strong home generator that will automatically start when the power goes out? Are you looking for a generator that includes an automatic transfer switch that will give you a fast response? With the Kohler 14RESA 14k watt standby generator, you’ll be investing into a generator that will kick in to power your home within 10 seconds when the power goes out. It includes a 100 amp, 16 circuit transfer switch that is only rated for the indoors, but offers an enclosure that is guaranteed to be corrosion-proof. By shopping on Amazon, you’ll be able to save almost $1,000 off the MSRP as well!

What Key Features Does This Kohler Generator Have?

When taking a look at the operation of this particular generator, we really loved the level of consistency that it can provide. Kohler has included technology that provides an advanced level of voltage and frequency regulation so that there are extremely low levels of harmonic distortion in the power that is produced. This means it provides a clean, consistent level of power so that even the most sensitive electronics can be powered by this generator. How sensitive? Even hospitals are using this generator to provide power for life-saving equipment!

There are some other features to think about with this particular generator as well:

  • this generator contains power boost technology so that its starting power is immense – it can even start and run a 5 ton capacity air conditioner without a problem;
  • the enclosure for this generator is also impact-resistant even when it gets incredibly cold, rated to -34C/-30F; and
  • even though it provides a lot of power for the home, it is reasonably quiet and won’t disturb the rest of the neighborhood when it is running.

The Kohler 14RESA even includes electronic speed control so that it can directly respond to the varying demands that a house can need. When the refrigerator kicks in, you’ll get the extra boost of power needed. When it is finished, the generator will cycle down to conserve fuel for you thanks to its series of digital controllers.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Particular Generator?

This generator is designed to be as easy to install as possible. You don’t need a concrete mounting pad like other generators of this design do and the roof of the enclosure is both hinged and locked. The connections come through the enclosure wall so there’s no need for stub-ups and the load connection terminal block makes field wiring a really simple task.

Although the price point is a little more than other generators and has a lower output than similar generators at this price point, the combination of reliability and clean power more than makes up the difference. You’ll need a Kohler-certified technician to do the initial startup and pre-start diagnostics for the warranty to be valid, but outside of this one issue, you’ll find that this generator will work great and provide your home with a tremendous amount of value.

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