Review: The All Power America Portable Generator

Review: The All Power America Portable Generator Review Team

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Do you want a basic generator that will give you a good boost of power when you need it? Are you wanting something that will help get you out of an emergency situation fast, but for an affordable price? With the All Power America portable generator, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! It is strong enough to hand out 1,400 watts of continuous power and when running at half loads, can last for nearly 10 hours. You can even get this generator right now for more than 50% off the MSRP just by shopping on Amazon!

What Are the Features of the All Power America?

This generator’s primary feature is that it is lightweight and extremely portable. It only weighs 60 pounds, which means you can take it out camping with you so that you’ve got some power. It only requires a little over 1 gallon of gasoline per load it takes on and operates at a fairly quiet 65 decibels, making it so that you won’t completely disturb your neighbors. With a peak surge of power at 2,000 watts, you’ll be able to get the power you need in a snap!

There’s also these additional features to consider with this generator:

  • it runs on a 4 stroke engine instead of the common 2 stroke engines of this generator’s size, making it a lot easier to use;
  • it is rated at 11.6 amps so you can have some extra power when you need it most; and
  • the fuel tank on this generator is extremely easy to access and that makes for less of a mess in the garage or around the camp site.

This isn’t going to be the gen set that will help you power your entire home when the lights go out. It isn’t going to be able to power a refrigerator, freezer, or even a high amp power tool. It is, however, going to give you some electrical light or some light appliance options so that you can have a bit of the comfort that you need.

Are There Any Advantages That Come With This Generator?

In looking at the various advantages that this small generator could provide, the main thing that sticks out is its ability to be flexible. Because it is so lightweight and able to go virtually anywhere, you can use it in a variety of circumstances. It would be the perfect little generator for tailgating, especially if you’re looking to cook on a powered stove top instead of a grill. Because it only takes 1 gallon of gas per load, you’re also not going to be spending a lot on fuel in order to get the power you need.

This generator can work for you as long as you keep the tolerances of the generator in mind. This unit is going to struggle on any loads above 1,000 watts, especially if you’re looking for continuous power at that level. Bad things are going to happen with heavier loads and that may include having the generator stall out, overheat, or just die. The warranty included on this unit does not include coverage for overages.

If you need a small generator for portable applications, then this is a quality generator at a surprisingly good price. If you’re looking for something that is more long term or for a larger home, then this is not the generator for you.

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