Review: WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator Series

Review: WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator Series Review Team

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Are you looking for a generator that is highly dependable and will give you lengthy run times on just a small amount of fuel? Do you want something that will be portable enough to take with you, yet strong enough to run at home during an emergency? With the WEN portable generator series, you’re going to get a gas powered beast that can be up to 9000 surge watts strong to meet your needs. With up to 11 hours of running time on a 50% load and sturdy wheel kits that easily attached to the steel roll cage, you’ll get the versatility and strength that you need.

Best of all, the price point of this generator on Amazon begins at just $339!

What Are the Key Features of This Generator Series?

With a 4 gallon fuel tank on the base level models going up to a 6.5 gallon fuel tank, you’ll get all of the tools that you need to make sure that you’ve got the power flowing. It comes with a spark plug wrench on upper-end models, the wheel kit on all models, a flathead screwdriver to help with assembly, and a good instruction manual that actually has helpful instructions. The control panel allows for a variety of receptacles and an indicator light will help you see that you’ve got power to use.

Here’s what you’re going to get with the WEN generator series:

  • a minimum of two 120v 20 amp three prong receptacles, along with one 120/240v 30 amp twist-lock receptacle;
  • a 12v DC outlet for charging batteries or any other items that accepts this form of power through a cigarette lighter type of plug; and
  • a digital hour counter that accumulates your run time hours so you can easily know when to schedule maintenance or be prepared for refueling the generator.

Although every generator should have routine checks of the lubricating oil, it can get missed sometimes. If it does, a low oil automatic sensor will disengage the engine so that you can properly maintenance it before the issue becomes problematic and you’re left with an expensive paperweight.

Are There Any Advantages To Using This Generator Series?

There are generators that call themselves portable, but it would take a professional wrestler to be able to move them effectively! That’s not the case with the WEN generator series. It’s wheel kit and handle assembly make transporting these generators a pretty easy task. The lower end models run at 64 decibels, while the 9000 watt model comes in at just above 80 decibels, so it won’t blow out your ear drums either. A 2 year limited warranty is included as well.

For the most part, this is an extremely reliable generator that will provide you with the power that you need. Although they are portable, they aren’t designed for routine portability. If you need to take it to a job site, that’s one thing. If you need to take it to multiple job sites, then you may not have as good of an experience with this generator.

In most applications, the WEN generator series is going to have a good solution for your power generation needs. Because of this, we have no hesitation in recommending everyone to take a look at the generator in this series that can best meet their wattage needs.

Click here to check the price on Amazon and find a great deal on the WEN Gas Powered Portable Generator Series.

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