Review: Westinghouse 7500 Watt Portable Generator

Review: Westinghouse 7500 Watt Portable Generator Review Team

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Are you looking for a generator that will give you a good level of surge wattage for when your appliances need to start? Do you need a generator that will provide a lot of power without producing a lot of noise? With the Westinghouse portable generator, you’ll get 7500 watts of continuous power that can handle up to 9000 starting watts. It’s also equipped with a Pulse-Flo muffler so that the decibels this unit produces are reduced compared to similar models. If you choose to shop on Amazon, you’ll even be able to save over $130 off of the MSRP!

What Kind of Features Does This Portable Generator Have?

Running on a 4 stroke, 420cc overhead valve engine, we really loved the fact that the electrical starter on this generator is extremely reliable. This generator would work in an RV for some portable needs, but this generator is mostly designed to provide power in a home when it is needed. That typically means there is a storm or emergency situation happening and you need a generator that will start reliably. That’s what this Westinghouse will do!

There’s also these additional features to consider as well:

  • this particular generator offers a full enclosure for the working mechanisms so there is much less risk of debris or weather interference in its performance;
  • it offers 4 120v outlets and 1 120/240v twist outlet so that most items can be effectively powered when you need them to be; and
  • it is easy to monitor the status of this generator thanks to the simplified control center that includes an LCD hour meter tracker for maintenance tracking purposes.

Although this generator isn’t CARB compliant, it does come with what most people are going to need to make sure they have power. You’ll also get your first quart of oil, the tools you need to put together the wheel kit, and a funnel for the oil chamber so you don’t create a fire risk with a spill. All in all, there’s a lot of value that comes with this generator!

Does This Westinghouse Generator Have Any Particular Advantages?

The construction of this generator really is its primary advantage. Although you’ll get up to 13 hours of running time with a 50% load thanks to its 6.6 gallon fuel tank, the all steel construction and corrosion resistant exterior give you a lot of advantages. You can power your security system your electrical range, and the power flow is clean and consistent enough that it will even power your sensitive electronics without an issue.

It’s really tough to find a fault with this particular generator. Sometimes the breakers will pop on the generator even though it isn’t under a 100% load, but otherwise this particular generator is extremely durable, very reliable, and easy to use. Because of this consistency, we have no hesitation in offering our highest recommendation to this Westinghouse generator.

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